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Self development through travel

10 Manly Lessons from Male Solo Traveling

Solo traveling as a female and male are the same right? This would be a foolish assumption because everyone’s solo travel experience is unique to them regardless of gender. But there are some commonalities due to gender. I have read countless blogs of inspiring female solo travelers. They all had their unique experiences as people…
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December 21, 2017 1

5 Life Changing Lessons I Learned In A Irish Jail

“Okay, take off your clothes”. Those were the last words I heard before the giant titanium door closed in my face. Here I was in jail. You are wondering how I got here? Let’s go back to the beginning. Four hours before the door shut in my face, I had just landed in Dublin, Ireland.…
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October 18, 2017 0

Friendships and Human Connections, Layover Diaries

Want to know about relationships and friendships? Spend some time observing people and their behavior as they prepare for travel. It is more dramatic than prime time television. I sit back and watch people like they’re goldfish as they elicit powerful emotions from happiness to joy to sadness. I see families, lovers, friends, hug and greet each other like a…
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June 7, 2017 0