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I travel the world to find truth, truth in developing myself. These truths are to seek self development mentally, physically, socially, and financially. I do this from all my unique experiences from traveling. We spend our entire lives living in our bubbles and being comfortable. We think the only reality that exists is the one we live in. We read books, see places on TV, and hear stories but we will never know how true or false something is. Instead of taking everything at face value and believing it, I decided to go find out for myself. This is my journey of self knowledge and how I share it to the world to help others.

If you have a curious mind about the world and how it relates to yourself then you are at the right spot. This is some of the content you will find on this website.

Have you ever wondered about questions like this around the world?

  • What are the benefits of working out in Venice Beach in California?
  • Are Japanese Onsens really the fountain of youth?
  • Is American food really unhealthy as the rest of the world claims?
  • What are the benefits of fasting?
  • What are the people like in the Dominican Republic?
  • What is it like dating women from other cultures?
  • What is the value of your country’s currency

Who This Is Not For?

This is for active individuals or fitness enthusiasts, people who love adventure and explorers, people who get lost in their heads and are dreamers, people seeking growth, creative people, or people who view the world as their playground. If this doesn’t describe you then stop reading, if this is you then welcome to the journey.

My Strange but Interesting



This is the ending of my old life and the

beginning of a new adventure, told by me,

Eric L. Bolden. You guys can call me E.

Remember your college days with Thirsty Thursdays with the dollar pizzas, the cringing part time jobs on the side, the never ending cycle of hating Mondays and looking forward to Fridays, and juggling relationships and friendships? That used to be my life too. The only difference was I was not a teenager when I experienced this. I was a grown man having a midlife crises in my twenties. I felt like Benjamin Button mentally, but backwards. Before I decided to be a super freshman in college, I was working an overnight job at the airport. I worked for Hertz car rental. I am a introvert. We introverts tend to have the best time of our lives inside our heads. As you would imagine, I had tons of down time to day dream on a overnight shift. Since I worked at the airport, my super fantasies consisted of traveling. I used to watch all the big wigs come through and rent cars all the time. I used to think to myself, what a life, they travel all the time. They seem to have this energy that reeked of arrogance and superiority. I figured if I got to travel all the time, I would be walking around here like Barack Obama too. The more I talked with these people, I noticed the pompous attitudes were nothing more than a façade. They were unhappy because of all the traveling.  I soon realized that traveling all the time wasn’t for everybody. Especially if you have commitments such as families that you may be leaving behind. But I didn’t have any kids or commitments. I got tired of day dreaming and being stuck so I quit my job at Hertz to return to college to be a personal trainer while working at a bar part time as security and a DJ. I had this grand plan to be a personal trainer. My master plan sunk faster than the Titanic. I was in more debt thanks to college and had just ended a relationship. My life was in complete turmoil. I battled depression and realized that was going to be a life long fight. Well, I felt like Will Smith in the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”. I was not on the winning team. If this was a movie then I was going to be a millionaire like Chris Gardner, right? Not exactly but one trip to Chicago did change the trajectory of my life. A few years later I got a job with an airline that would help me climb out of the life that I once knew.


Caution, you will find me around the world dancing in random places. I love music, dancing, or any kind of athletic sport.

I have been traveling for five years so far. I have developed knowledge about fitness, food, and human behavior, and psychology while traveling. I still have a long way to go. This is a never ending journey of finding knowledge around the world. If this is something your interested in, join me now on this journey by subscribing to our community newsletter.